Dirt 100

Dirt 100 2014 – BOS Idylle Rare

BOS suspension is legendary for its performance and desirability, and this air-sprung Idylle Rare takes downhill forks to another level.


These forks are nothing short of phenomenal. We loved the old coil sprung version, but this latest air sprung model really does wipe the floor with that one. We never thought we’d say that about an air fork, but somehow BOS have managed to do what many said was impossible. The sensitivity that this fork offers is out of this world, no matter how hard you run it, which in turn provides you with incredible grip. It also never uses more travel than it needs, and as we’ve come to expect from BOS the damping is outstanding. So yeah, we think this is without question the best DH fork in terms of performance, and it’s only fitting that on one of the toughest tracks of the 2013 season a pair of these forks finally won a World Cup race (Remi Thirion in Vallnord, Andorra).

PRICE: £1750.00
UK: Jungle Products 01423 780 088

Photos by Andy Lloyd


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