Dirt 100

Dirt 100 2011: Rockshox Vivid Air

We’ll be straight up with this one…some of the world’s top pro riders might be able to tell the difference between this air shock and the superb coil Vivid, but we’re not ashamed to say we can hardly tell the difference. There is one, but it’s so subtle that it makes us ask why we’d ever want to run a shock that weighs 400g more for such a tiny change in performance.

It really is massively impressive, and with their ingenious ‘Hot Rod’ damping needle, that expands and contracts with changes in oil temperature, they have in one fell swoop managed to cure the age old problem of damping fade. We knew it would take something truly special to make air sprung DH shocks a reality, but that’s exactly what this shock is.

Price: £584.99
Fisher outdoor leisure 01727 798 340

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