Dirt 100


The king of all downhill tyres? The High Roller grips like mad offering predictable cornering and a great braking edge. In dry through to soft conditions the High Roller is king in its Super–Tacky incarnation. Basically the High Roller rules in everything other than mud, where the spike tyres are whipped out. It is available in plenty of different compounds and widths; the choice for bigger riders has to be the dual ply, super tacky tyre in 2.5 width, which offers plenty of puncture resistance. Light riders will benefit from the 2.35 and may even get away with the single ply on the front or for riding that involves a little more pedal power than out and out downhill.

£22.99 – £37.99 (for 2.35 and 2.5 downhill versions)
MMA Sports 01792 467 467
www.mmasports.com, www.maxxis.com