Dirt 100


The SX trail has long been a favourite of the Dirt staff, perfectly balanced with a low centre of gravity and aggressive geometry, it inspires you to throw it into corners and whip it out over jumps and crests with confidence. Hill and Fairclough opted for the SX at this year’s World Champs in Oz due to the course featuring so many berms and jumps, while the bike retains a great rear end to cope with the rough stuff.
Available as two spec builds, the top of the range 2 model will set you back an extra £700 from the SX 1 model featured here. This is the Bikepark bike that all others are defined by and is right up there as the best of its class.

£2,499.99 (SX 1) £3,299.99 (SX 2)
Specialized 0208 391 3530

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