Dirt 100

Commencal Meta 4x VIP

Fun – one for the specialists – and pretty much everyone else hanging out down the woods. Why you want to know? OK, well over to Jon the Dirt designer who owns one… “I think it’s the perfect bike for me, my general riding. A fun singletrack bike, keep the seat down and get the chase on someone tearing the place to shreds. If you’re fit enough you will be rewarded, and who wants to prance around on a four inch fairy anyway? It descends brilliantly and jumps well, is very stable, has a good head angle
adjustment if you’re really that bothered and it’s very well built.
The linkage is one of the best systems available. I‘ve built it to last a life of knocks and bruising without having to think about maintaining it too much.”

Four inch bomber

Frame: £1199.99

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