Dirt 100



Even after riding and testing bikes for so many years it still amazes us the difference that simply swapping a pair of bars or winding ina brake lever a few millimetres makes to a bike. It can turn a bike forom being one that feels average into one that feels incredible. The point is then that you should pay just as much attention when selecting things like bars and stems as you do when buying something like a new pair of forks. After all, a badly shaped pair of bars or an overlong stem can cause even more damage to a bikes handling than a not so hot pair of forks. Anyway, here’s our selection of the finest things to either sit on or grab onto…

We reckon the phrase ‘best thing since sliced bread’ should be updated to ‘best thing since Lock–On grips’. ODI’s invention did nothing less than revolutionise grips, and despite now being copied by everyone they still make the best ones going. They produce a whole load of different designs but these Ruffian MX’s are our favourite because the knurled/waffle combo manages to be both comfortable and grippy all at the same time, and they’re nice and thin without being too hard. If you haven’t got a set of Lock–On grips on your bike you must be mental. I mean who wants grips that are a bitch to fit and remove and yet don’t stay put when you want them to?

Price: £17.99 inc collars, £11.99 grips only
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