Dirt 100

2013 Dirt 100: TROY LEE DESIGNS 5450


Although the majority of riders are most at home in a set of knee-only pads, the 5450 knee and shin guards from TLD are so comfortable that we can’t see why everyone doesn’t consider them.

Anyone who has tried a set of these on is amazed by their lightness and also by the fact that they do very little to restrict movement. These don’t have any velcro strapping which may deter those with skinnier legs, but the lycra that holds them in place on your leg will help to keep you warm on winter rides, making them a great option for UK riders. Contrary to the genetics of the O’Neal pads, these have a hard shell with softer foam behind, good news for impact-resistant foam doubters out there.

The amount of protection on offer might not meet everyone’s DH needs, but for trail riding these simply can’t be beaten. Styling is something that Troy Lee never fails to succeed at and the 5450’s are some of the coolest looking pads out there, we like these an awful lot.

PRICE: £54.99

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