Dirt 100

2013 Dirt 100: SHIMANO AM 45

Although some people like to opt for the ‘function over fashion’ approach to SPDs that a set of lightweight dancing shoes can provide, if you are concerned about not looking like part of a ballet cast and would prefer to be able to stand and walk around when off your bike, then these Shimano AM45s win over all others.

The soles have that perfect blend of stiffness and flexibility so that they don’t waste any power when you’re on the bike, and yet they’re still comfy to walk in, plus they give a decent amount of grip. These shoes are built to last too with their functional lace covers and shiny wipe clean surface they’re ideally suited to UK muck, something that really can’t be said about some of the competition. All-in-all a great UK SPD shoe that is loved by many riders and racers alike.

PRICE: £74.99


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