Dirt 100

2013 Dirt 100: MAVIC CROSSMAX SX

We all know that enduro style riding and racing is where a lot of development is happening in the sport right now. The discipline has taken off in a big way thanks in part to the change in the way bikes are constructed, and aside from a lightweight super-strong carbon frame, if you want to take your enduro seriously then you really should invest in a set of these Crossmax SX wheels.

At well under two kilos for a pair it really is amazing that Mavic have managed to make these wheels so strong – they are bombproof – making them all the better for hard riders.

Mavic full-builds are also top quality so you can rest assured that these will be ride-able straight out of the box and won’t need constant re-truing. Put simply, this is THE wheel-set for hard trail and enduro riders.

Mavic’s optional MP3 service (www.mavic-mp3.com) also offers a two-year warranty program, which includes crash damage, for all wheels purchased at an authorised Mavic dealer, although it will cost you a little bit.

Price: £660.00

Mavic UK 01276 404 870