Dirt 100

2012 Dirt 100: Hope Pro II Evo Hubs

There might be cheaper hubs out there, there might be fancier hubs out there, and there also might be slightly lighter ones out there, but that still doesn’t stop us from rating these Hope hubs as the most sensible place to lay your cash if you’re looking to build up a set of wheels.

We love that they’re made here in the UK, but not necessarily for patriotic reasons, it’s mainly because their customer service is faultless. If you’ve got a problem you just pick up the phone and they will get it sorted, and quickly too. To be honest though after years of tweaking the design on these muddy shores and the addition of the new stainless steel bearings the chances of anything going wrong with these hubs is slim to none, but if it ever does you’ll be pleased you bought something made by these guys.

Price: Front £60.00, Rear £145.00
Hope 01282 851 200