Dirt 100

2012 Dirt 100: Go Pro HD Hero

The ever growing popularity in filming your ride has brought an ever growing number of helmet cams to the market, but GoPro have constantly managed to stay ahead of the game.

Others may be offering the same kind of HD quality as this latest version, but the GoPro has always won us over with its great field of view, and even more so its brilliant selection of mounts, and this year is no different. No matter where you want to fit one you can be guaranteed that they’ll make a solid mount for it.

They’re also now offering a whole load of other extras like an add–on LCD screen, or even a 3D conversion kit if you can lay your hands on two cameras. Despite the range of filming options on offer it’s also pretty simple to use, and that waterproof case has proved to be more than capable of withstanding some abuse.

Price: £299.99

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