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Wheelset: Hope pro2 evo/stan's flow with maxxis&Onza Tyres Included.

Date Added: 19∙Mar∙2014

New Message about Wheelset: Hope pro2 evo/stan's flow with maxxis&Onza Tyres Included.

Selling Details

Location: Polton, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: Moved to 29" wheels

Postage: First class tracked and recorded for £24 or local pick up.

Product Spec:

Brand: Hope

Product description

Hope Pro2 Evo hubs laced to Stan's flow rims with 32 straight-pull spokes. Wheelset is shod with 2.5 exoprotect minion front and Onza Ibex 2.25 Enduro casing rear. Includes 15mm AND 20mm front adapters and 142mm rear adapters. Also included is a hope hub tool kit for replacing bearings and a full set of spare rear bearings.

Both tires are inflated and set up split-tube tubeless with sealant, valve and yellow rim tape all from Stan's.

Hubs are in excellent condition with new Hope bearings installed in the front. Rear bearings are running smoothly and a spare set is included. The freehub is working fine and clicking loudly as ever, although there are some cassette marks on the freehub body.

Spokes are all straight and undamaged with no rounded nipples.

Front rim is in good condition whilst the rear has some scratches, small dents and the sticker is faded. However both rims are free of serious dings, cracks or serious damage and both will seal with tubeless tires.

The rear tire is semi-worn whereas the front minion has been used just once. The split-tube tubeless set up (as used by Jarred Graves) seals extremely well and reduces burping.

The wheels are running fairly straight and true and have very even spoke-tension.

Owner Review

Hope hubs are very well sealed and easy to live with. Bearing life is excellent and the freehub noise is a bonus.

Wheels are held together well with nice wide rims. The tires are also excellent.

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