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Orange 5 - 18"

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New Message about Orange 5 - 18"

Selling Details

Location: East Staffordshire, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: New bike

Postage: Pick up only, will also set suspension up for the new owner.

Product Spec:

Brand: Orange

Type: 26"

Product description

My Orange 5 is up for sale, as you can see from the spec below, this isn't your normal run of the mill Orange 5, it has a very high spec. The bike weighs around only 27lbs (that was weighed with the winter tyres, so a little more with the Nobby Nics fitted).

The photos are current photos, yes it really looks this good!

For Hi-Res Photos, take a look at

The only original parts remaining from Orange on this bike are the Brakes (although the calipers where upgraded with Red piston caps when I last stripped them in 2013), Shock and Fork Body (since upgraded with an RLC FIT damper, was originally the Float R suppplied by Orange).

The year shown after each component is the year these where bought (new) and fitted.

Frame: 2010 18" Orange 5

Forks: Fox Float RLC FIT 15QR 140mm - 2010, originally Float R as supplied by Orange, but upgraded with a RLC FIT damper

Shock: Fox RP23 140mm (plus a spare RP23 that I have that I'll throw in) - 2010 (spare is 2008 probably could do with a Nitro recharge service)

Crank: Shimano XT Triple (Double plus Bashring) - 2010, chainrings replaced in 2012. Will also include the original large chainring

Bashring: Raceface Lightweight - 2010

Chain Guide: Blackspire Stinger - 2011, also includes a 2010 black one with some spare rollers.

Bottom Bracket: Hope Ceramic - 2011

Front Mech: Shimano XT - 2013

Rear Mech: Shimano XT Shadow (Medium Cage) - 2011

Shifters: Shimano XT - Front shifter is brand new and unused, rear shifter is 2010

Shifter Cables: Jagwire Braided - 2013, front inner is brand new XT

Cassette: SRAM PG990 - 2013

Chain: SRAM PC991 - 2013

Rims: Mavic XM719 - 2011

Hubs: Hope ProII EVO - 2011

Brakes: Hope Tech X2 - 2010 (Calipers fully rebuilt in 2013 and customised with red piston caps)

Brake Discs: Hope Floating Saw (Front 183mm/Rear 160mm) - 2010

Brake Lines: Braided - 2010

Tyres: Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.4 EVO Snakeskin (Summer Tyres) AND Bontrager Mud-X 2.0 (Winter Tyres) - Nobby Nics are 2012 and Mud-X are 2011

Bars: Easton Haven Carbon (711mm) - 2011

Grips: Raceface Strafe Lock-on - 2010

Stem: Raceface Turbine 60mm - 2011

Headset: Hope - 2011

Seat Post: Gravity Dropper Descender Multidrop - 2010

Seat Post Clamp: Hope Bolt - 2010

Seat: SDG Bel Air RL Ti-rails - 2012

Pedals: Shimano M647 DX SPD - 2012

I'll also include my winter Bontrager Mud-X 2.0 tyres and as mentioned above will also include a spare Fox RP23 Shock which is in working order, but needs a full service with Nitrogen recharge. Plus some other spares including part-worn brake pads, shock mounts (including a bearing), spare Stinger Chainguide.

All of my bikes are meticulously maintained as you can see from the photos. Almost every ride, the bike is stripped and cleaned. I have a strict maintenance schedule with my bikes to ensure they are always showroom condition.

The photos show my GPS clamp on the bars, this is not included. The paintwork is in great shape with a few cable rubs in the usual places and some tiny scratches on the carbon bars where the GPS and Go-Pro have been mounted.

For the eagle-eyed out there, you may notice that the decal set is newer than the 2010 model. It was treated last year to a new decal set.

The Forks and Shocks were recently serviced (by myself) and I'll also give the rest of the bike a full service before handing over. The front XT shifter is a little stiff, so I have a brand new XT Shifter to fit before handing over.

Bike is located near Uttoxeter in Staffordshire.

**** UPDATE! I have now given the bike a full service and carried out the following (along with all the usual service things);

Rear Hub: Stripped, cleaned, regreased
Rear Hub, bearings not required, but stripped down freehub and cleaned
Front Hub: Replaced both bearings with new ones, they were ok, but one had started to get a bit "gritty"
Gravity Dropper Seat Post: Stripped, cleaned, regreased
Brakes: Both front and rear bleed, nice and firm
Front Shifter: As explained above, the one on there was a bit tight, so replaced with a brand new XT with new inner cable.

This bike will now not be ridden until someone buys it. When picked up, I'll also set the suspension up for the new owner!

Owner Review

The Orange 5 has been my first choice bike since 2008. 2009 an later had a slightly slacker (and better) head angle which is why I changed to this bike! It's taken me on some great adventures and I'll be sorry to see it go.

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