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Intense Slopestyle 2, Medium, Works Raw Finish

Date Added: 26∙Aug∙2013

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Selling Details

Location: Wakefield, GB

Condition: New

Reason for Sale: The frame is too small.

Postage: Pickup only.

Returns None

Product Spec:

Brand: Intense

Product description


For sale is my brand new 2012 Intense Slopestyle 2 frame. It's a size medium and is in the Works Raw finish.

The shock is a Fox Van RC with a 450lb steel spring.

This is the frame that was Dirt magazine's product of the year 2012, and was the last minute addition, 101st product, in the 2011 list.

The reason for sale is this frame is a warranty replacement for my old Slopestyle 2. When it came to sending a replacement out, the shop had limited stock left, they only had medium sized frames. As i'm 6' 1" the medium frame is too small for me.

The frame has never had any components fitted to it and comes in its original packaging. It comes complete with factory axle converters (135x10 and 135x12) and frame cable clips.

Any questions please get in touch.



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