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2012 Marzocchi 66 rcv 180mm travel Forks

Date Added: 03∙Aug∙2013

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Location: Ribble Valley, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: New Forks

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Brand: Marzocchi

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These forks are my old DH forks which are amazingly capable forks but I recently upgraded to some bigger 888 forks.
The Specs for the forks are: 2012 Marzocchi 66 RCV 180mm travel mountain bike suspension forks, with Rebound, Compression Dampening, Air Adjust and Preload ajustments. The Steerer tube is 180mm long and tapered (1.1/8th to 1.5") so will fit to most new frames. The forks are designed for: DH, Freeride, Enduro.
Although 180mm travel forks they can be lowered internally to account for many different styles of riding, the fork allows for external adjustments of: Preload (Spring), Air Volume adjustment, Compression dampening and Rebound. These adjustments really give the forks the ability to adapt to any style of riding.
The forks are in a reasonable condition with a few paint scratches on the lowers, but nothing effecting the performance of the fork only cosmetic. There is the compression adjustment cap missing as can be seen on the photo but can easily be twisted by the fingers. Also the Preload adjustment doesn't have the clicks as I lost the small ball bearings while cleaning it out, but it doesn't effect the adjustments and still works perfectly. Most importantly there are no scratches on the stantions so the forks are not compromised in that sense.

Any questions please message me Jack.

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Great capable forks

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