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Homemade Cable Cam Mark 2

17:51 14th October 2009 by Billy Thackray

Here we go with version 2 of my homemade cable cam.


I’ve swapped the chain guide rollers for some 80mm diameter nylon pulleys, and upped the battery power to 12volts in an effort to make her go faster. It’s also primed to have the pan and tilt servos mounted soon. Most of the bits were from a skip, some off cuts of aluminium and a cannabalised old machine from a computer company bin.

She’s nearly up to speed, just has a few issues. Below is a quick shady boring first test outside the office.

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  1. SA Springbok

    please tell me you are going to hook this sh*t up for next years WC. I reckon its going to take some of those midnight missions to ensure those UCI monkeys don’t catch ya!

  2. billy

    i’ll try and make a compact travel version for the WC’s, taking 50metres of 3mm steel cable on a plane could be a problem.

  3. James

    Nice setup you have there. Are you going to make it any longer, so you can catch more action?