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Cable Cam Project

16:44 28th September 2009 by Billy Thackray

I decided to build a cable cam. Not the type that you swing on, but a cheapy version that the camera just sits on.
Got some 3mm steel wire. 50m for £30

The went to the model shop and bought a radio control two servers and a speed controller and a motor for £60.

A couple of DMR chain device rollers.

Then scavenged some old aluminium from the skip for £0.00


I thought for the prototype I would just have a fixed camera position have a variable speed along the wire.
I tried it at the local trails, but the camera doesn’t travel fast enough to keep up with the bikes. I’ve got a bigger motor and some gearing on the way for Mark II.
Mark III may have some pan/tilt too.
I’ll post up a vid soon.

  1. willsnow

    this should be awesome… maybe we can get a down and out to show us how it is built?

  2. billy

    Might do, but it’s a secret, I need a few tricks to keep up with the video jocks!

  3. Morgan

    Billy, as usual I’d suggest bringing it up to Redhill for a test. Might be good running it by the new bowl as riders will be going up and down as opposed to ripping along at high speed. Or even down the side of the trails.

  4. billy

    Morgan, as soon as it’s done I’ll be straight over for a test, though the shortage of trees at Redhill might be a problem. You need to insert some telegraph poles specially for the job!

  5. Ollie

    Yo Billy, Ne more luck with it since the last time i seen ya, I bet its flying with out a worry now :P Catch ya at the dippies soon!!

  6. billy

    still needs more speed captain, dippies will see it soon though!