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Zerode G1 Gearbox bike

Zerode G1 Gearbox bike

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Following on from the Zerode G1 pro bike feature in Dirt issue#110, photographer Sven Martin talks to New Zealander James ‘Dodzy’ Dodds about the detail and design of this gearbox downhill bike.
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All photos and audio: www.svenmartinphotography.com
More info at www.zerode.co.nz/

Dirt 110 zerode bike

Dirt issue #110.

  1. ddmonkey

    Really want to demo one of these in Morzine, who is the distributor there? It looks ace to me…

  2. dave

    another gearbox bike, yawn……

  3. beb

    I agree – I think it looks ace – looks well packaged/engineered too.

    Always wondered though with these really high pivot bikes, whether the (relatively) big change in chainstay length / wheelbase when the rear suspension compresses is noticable or problematic when you ride it?

    E.g. when popping a manual, does the increase in chainstay length actually make getting the front wheel up harder? Be interested to hear from anyone who’s ridden one.

  4. Leon

    Good point beb , I have often wondered how it would feel for your wheel base to actually grow when you compress mid berm ?
    Bike looks sick as tho , very pleasing on the eye.

  5. Alec

    Where would someone who might be interested in this be able to get one in the UK? and what kind of price would we be looking at?!

  6. Marshy
  7. tom

    Is it me or is that shock gonna get smashed by a rock

  8. KidCards

    Anyone know how much the frame weighs? Seems like an amazing concept so there must be a hitch!

  9. Will

    If someone says this looks like a Trek I’m going to explode.

  10. Steveeo

    beb & leon,

    The increase in chainstay length under compression you mention compensates for the decrease in front centre due to the forks compressing. This tendancy for the wheelbase to either increase or remain constant provides a stable bike. Single pivot bikes with a low pivot have a wheelbase which decreases when landing from a jump or railing a berm etc.

    But they do take a while to get used to manualling them!

  11. Rob F

    UK Distributor – Prestige Cycles. Contact Stephen Roche. http://www.prestige-cycles.co.uk.

  12. Pete

    Looks like a Lappierre

  13. beb

    Cool cheers for the response Steveeo.
    Defo be good to have a go on one

  14. Aaron

    It looks like a Trek.

  15. Mitch7

    Lappierre/Trek…doesn’t look like either…

    Hot Bike…and racing well.

  16. Fish Monkey

    I’ve got one and they are pretty heavy; I’m expecting about 42lbs with some revised bits that are on their way. The compensation is that the unsprung weight is greatly reduced and the weight is centralised. Definitely a different bike to ride but I reckon it’s gonna be quick in the Alps in July…

    There’s a shock guard on its way as lots of other people agree the shock looks a bit vunerable!

  17. centrifuge

    I saw one parked outside the ticket windows in Les Gets this past weekend. I talked with the rider a bit about it. He said he was testing it for them and that they have revisions in the works, (e.g.) 10 gears. I did see it in motion too on the trail when I was on the chairlift and I do not remember hearing a bunch of unwanted noises. It looks like a cool machine indeed.

  18. tld

    Why dont they just run the shock up the other way to avoid hitting it on rocks etc?

  19. Tobias

    they are working on a carbon guard to stop rocks hiting the shock

  20. tld

    yeah but if they just turn it up the other way it wont be sticking out. seems like a simple solution.

  21. DGR

    Distributer is http://www.zerodeeurope.com. There is a test bike in Morzine. email zerodeeurope@gmail.com with any questions. As far as weight goes, the Morzine demo is 18kg fully built incl fox 40’s.

  22. DGR

    The demo bike will be out and about in Les Gets this Thursday to Sunday so if you are there, come and ask a question or two.

  23. Fish Monkey

    TLD – the reservoir would then hit the downtube on compression; not so helpful.

  24. mann

    I own one and it is indeed an incredible bike.I’m still struggling to pull a manual on it.
    Right now mine weighs in at about 39lbs
    with Boxxer WC, Hope hubs with Mavic EN521 hoops, Chunder Pro tires, Saint cranks,Hope brakes,Fox RC4 with a 300lbs Ti spring and Deity30 bars.
    I reckon if they used AluXX tubings, the bike will be much lighter.

  25. centrifuge

    To all questioning the reservoir position, They have taken into account the positive aspect of sprung shock weight.

  26. Marshy
  27. Orrin McDonnell

    i personally don;t like using my shock as a rock guard, and the top link looks like it could break, maybe, but nice design idea.

  28. Rupes

    Full marks for packaging the idea up neatly and keeping the gearbox vibe alive.
    Mr Lahar must feel vindicated, if he ever needed to!

  29. kb

    ive been on one since january and have ridden a lot of rocky tracks and so far havent come close to touching the shock on a rock, when you actually look at it properly its pretty hard to hit that area of the frame.


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