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First Look: YT Industries Noton

First Look: YT Industries Noton

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Is this the cheapest Mini DH, Freeride, Enduro bike you will ever find?!!!

The YT Industries Noton 170mm travel bike just rocked up at Dirt HQ in a very neatly packed box and looks like a rather impressive machine for just 2099 Euros or just over £1800 quid.

Got to be a bargain this one!

I mean just check out the spec of the machine: Rock Shox Lyric forks, Marzocchi Roco Air TST R rear shock, AM Truvativ Hammerschmidt, Avid Elixir R stoppers, SRAM X9 kit, decent tyres, cock pit, etc.

She weighed in at 34lbs or 15.4KG on our office scales. The angles and numbers look good, 66 head angle, 1169mm or 46″ wheelbase…I’m off for a spin up the woods now, but expect a full test from Jonesy to appear in the magazine soon.

For more info check out www.yt-industries.com

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  1. TimBud

    Looks like a Lapierre… sorry no, a Trek

  2. Ricky.

    I love YTI and have been in love with the TUES DH from the minute I saw it.
    And those prices? Gotta be kiddin’.

  3. Leon

    That bike looks like tons of fun!

  4. Jon P

    Could this be proof that cheap doesn’t have to mean shit?!

  5. Jon

    Can I come try it out?

    Just what I’m after and I have the cash.

  6. stooky

    how high is the BB?

  7. Anoobis

    I’m saving the same amount of money for a last herb am/fr frame. I’m now feeling very confused.

  8. Hancock

    @Stooky, it’s 14.2 inches without sag, probably 12-point-something with.
    Come on Jones, tell us it’s a good bike please. I want a big fully so bad and I don’t wanna spend three grand to get one, more importantly I ain’t got the three grand to spend!

  9. Eoin

    Thats a lot of bike for the money, but it’s a shame there is only one spec, would rather a single up front and spend the saved money on better wheels. Have you guys tested canyon bikes yet? Germany seems to pump out quality, well specced bikes for 1/2 the prices of bigger brands. Please do a 2000-2500euro enduro bike comparison, I’m in the market :).

  10. Frederico

    nice bike at a nice price. The normal DH bike is only a tad €100 more whilst the Top of the line is only €400 more! Sweet!

  11. Dan

    Looks cheap… and hey, it is! Staying tuned.

  12. jonzo

    Hammerschmidt… £1800?
    It’s gonna have to be some pig not to be deal of the year!

  13. Hancock

    Addendum# Have you lot seen the 150mm travel WICKED on their site? 1600Euros for a 150mm horst link frame with X9, Revs, a Monarch and decent (if slightly cheap) wheels? Okay you’ve got to add British tax onto that (Thanks George), but it still comes to about £1700-ish. One of these or a spesh Pitch… well that’s such a hard choice…

  14. Eoin

    Addendum2, just back from the site and see Hancock has beaten me to it.
    Just saw the Wicked, very nice spec. Plus 15mm front axle, 12mm back, roomy top tube, horst link, 11-36 rear so you can afford to go single up front… For 1600euro… Ridiculous. Would prefer a 67-66.5 head angle and a drop seatpost, but hard to argue over anything else.

  15. Ross

    Anyone have any knowledge on YT dh bikes at all? They are stupidly cheap too!

  16. jonnyb

    I’m a little worried about the “cock pit” — aren’t those things illegal?

  17. Faceplanter

    Please someone tell me these bikes are top notch, a world cup spec bike for less than 2500 euro’s – shame they’re sold out!

  18. Ewan

    You don’t need to add any tax on at all – it’s all in the EU. No additional taxes (beyond those already in the price tag) are payable.

    I’m tempted!

  19. lesley

    don’t forget that, the IT bikes are all very cheap but the frames break very easely. Here in europe on the DH circuit and bikeparks, you see a lot of bikes have cracks, or complete broken welds on it. Think about that, a buddy of mine had 4 DH frames broken, in just 9 months, and he is a very smooth and fast rider.

  20. Oran

    VAT is at 19% though, which is unreal! Sweet deal though, would buy the wicked straight away if I had the money.

  21. Jeron

    Looks like amazing value for money. Though what Lesley said – when out in Morzine last year some guy was queing for a lift with the DH bike version. The back end had just snapped in the middle of the tubes, not even the welds. He said he just went off a little drop and booom. Bit of an off putter!

  22. r_mac

    seems promising, though what is reliabitly like? checked canyon bikes out as well, it all looks good but for little more you can get a bigger brand bike, which you would think should have better reliabilty. im deff interested but dont want to the risk

  23. Dave Walker-Blair

    looks like a gash rose bike

  24. Hidden due to low

    Wow, thanks to the guys who mentioned Canyon bikes! £1730 for the cheapest DH version with Boxxers or £1560 for the LT Freeride version with a very decent spec for the price.

    Would love to see Dirt compare all these sub 2k budget bikes and see which one comes out on top, let us know whether they are bargains or bloaters!

  25. r_mac

    few comms about cracks, thats what i feared. pay 1800 and be out of pocket or strech to about 2200 and get somethig of a brand with better aftercare and less issues.

  26. bucibeka

    there were problems with the rear triangle, but they changed it completely for this line-up, so there should be no problems anymore… i read this in the german Freeride mag so i think it may not be bullshit…

  27. tony adams

    lads, bikes snap. simple. doesnt matter what make they are…..yea, some are more prone than others, but its the warranty that you need to worry about. who cares if the bike snaps as long as you have a new frame pronto (as long as your face is still intact). yea its not ideal, but at that price???

    just need to know what their like on warranty now.

  28. droppin-neutron

    Yeah I was talking to a guy whose frame snapped on a tiny drop about 18 months ago he damaged the vertebrae in his spine and is still struggling with it now bet he wishes he hadn’t bought an intense.

    Its not just cheap brands that snap and crack

  29. Mr B

    My brother snapped a Sunday chainstay and he ain’t exactly pushin it like Sam Hill used to.

    Nice looking bike at a great price.

  30. tom

    According to their site they have a 3 year warranty and for this year the back end of the bike has been completely revised (this is for their tues dh bike)
    The bikes look good to me.

  31. drew

    looks like they packed yours up a lot better than they packed my tues 2.0 pro


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