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Saracen 2015 – New Myst, Ariel & Kili Flyer

saracen 2015

It was only five years ago that the distributor Madison purchased Saracen, a brand that certainly didn’t get anyone salivating. In the early 90’s Saracen had a great name for themselves, making quality mountain bikes, but then for one reason and another that reputation went massively downhill and by the time Madison bought the company all they were really known for was cheaper than chips bikes. Madison though wanted to resurrect the British brand, get it back to how it used to be. Many people thought they were crazy and that they’d never manage it, but here we are now, five years later, and Saracen find themselves sitting at the top of the UCI World Cup DH team standings!

Over the past five years they’ve produced some great bikes, and at a competitive price. The most notable models have to be the Ariel trail/enduro bike and the Myst DH bike, both of which have been tweaked as the years have gone by. In the following pages we will look at how those bikes are shaping up for 2015, and also take a look at the new full carbon Kili Flyer trail bike.

Just click below to see the new bikes…

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