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Kona's new Entourage 170mm bike

Kona's new Entourage 170mm bike

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Kona’s new Entourage 170mm (that is about 7″ in old money) bike launched this week in Geneva.

We haven’t seen the bike ourselves yet, and we guess that it is aimed at ‘slopestyle’, mini DH, bike park type of action. Here’s the media blurb form the guys at Kona:

Kona 2012 Entourage Proto Testing with Aggy
We sent Kona Team member Graham Agassiz into the wilds of his interior British Columbia homeland to see what he thought. With 170mm of super plush travel, ultra short chainstays and geometry that’s quick, intuitive, and totally committed to going down, the Entourage is all about progression Kona style. And if the feedback from one of the world’s best big mountain riders is any indication, we’re on to something good. Get the real lowdown from Agassiz and his fellow gang member, Kona’s Gravity Product Manager, Chris Mandell. Together they’ve crafted a jewel, one explained in detail through our newly released Proto Testing video, and in a Sneak Peek interview with Mandell where he breaks down the design philosophy and marquee features of the all-new 2012 Kona Entourage.

2012 Kona Entourage Sneak Peek Extravaganza >>

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  1. Ben Kenobi

    I bet lunch in Geneva was very nice for it, a whole week though? Must have been expensive.

  2. dirt dodger

    Kona’s new Entourage 170mm (that is about 7″ in old money) bike lunched this week in Geneva. That’s 1 hungry bike 😉

  3. dughead123


  4. Al Carson

    Dare we speculate on what it may, or may not look like……….

  5. ddmonkey

    I can vouch for how expensive lunch in Geneva is, lucky bike.

  6. Dirt HQ

    Wise guys!

  7. Leon

    Haha Al Carson . 1st thing I thought was ‘ I wonder if any one has said it has similarities to a certain bike ‘ xD

  8. Leon

    But it looks sick to me :)

  9. jonzo

    Looks…… Mint!

    Hope they keep that raw alu finish.

  10. Ollie

    Thats from the 2012 sneak peak, raw alu was so much fresherr.

  11. ronin

    clone wars episode 5 thru … Aggy rips regardless!

  12. dirt dodger

    It does look like 1 cool as fuck fun ass bike! enough superlatives in there?

  13. Barron Gwin

    Looks like a trek!

  14. NorthWest

    Treks looks like a Konas.

  15. NorthWest

    Mansquatch Jesus caught on tape!

  16. Melv

    Looks like a Norco.

  17. Jamie

    @ jonzo, The bike pictured is the 2012 Operator Deluxe


  18. kimbers

    @jamie, erm no it isnt.
    from your link
    ‘2012 Entourage DL and 2012 King Kahuna

    Two of our signature models for 2012 come from opposite sides of the mountain bike pantheon. The new Entourage Deluxe is a shorter travel, 170mm version of our Operator DH bike, while the new King Kahuna embodies the legendary 29er XC ride Kona’s famous for — in lightning quick carbon fiber. Both bikes feature top ranking components, performance oriented design and awesome ride-ability that’s focused on their very specific applications. Everything you’ll need for the Long Sweet Ride.’

  19. Jamie

    Oops, I meant Entourage not Operator.

  20. slamman

    at last, a Kona that people will buy, welcome back Kona.

  21. Mark

    Why are ‘ultra short chainstays’ good in the context of this bike? Longer chainstays (that still resist flex) would add to the stability and rider positioning on this otherwise good looking bike.

  22. karoliusz

    Another Kona that people won’t buy. Why should they?

  23. John

    Thought I was on some weird retro bike site when I saw this Kona’s frame, Stab-dee-lux circa 1999 guess they must have found some leftover in their factory and wanted to get shut of them?

  24. moz

    @ Barron Gwin. your name as well looks slightly like someone’s else. I hope your riding as well…

  25. Justin

    @karoliusz because with 7 inches you could race it dh if you aren’t a plougher that regulaly snaps frames. why pedal the weight of something thats built to take heavy landings from a pie muncher if you are a light weight smoothie? slap some proper forks up front and i’d race it.

  26. Kris

    Just demo’d one of these and it is simply amazing! I want one now!


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