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Identiti AKA 26/650b

Identiti AKA 26/650b

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Pat from Ison Distribution popped in yesterday with a tin of chocolates (Celebrations) and a couple of bikes (this one and a mystery bike).

Here’s a quick look at Identiti’s All Mountain hardtail the AKA which has been out for a while and been well received as a versatile fun hardtail, but has been built up here with the 650b wheels. Why? Because it can.

So, along came these 650b wheels and due to the adjustable horizontal dropouts on the AKA, Pat and the lads at Ison thought why not slot in some bigger hoops just to see if it would work? And hey bingo the 650b wheels fitted a treat.

The AKA uses the same back end as Identiti’s 4x aluminium hardtails, you know, the ones with the “Twin Box” chainstays, which mean that the back end is firm as with little flex.

The frame is available in 15″, 17″ and 19″, comes with a Fitzinger headset which allows the use of both tapered or 1 1/8″ steerers. The tapered headtube gives improved stiffness meaning you can run up to 150mm forks. They recommended you stick around the 120-140mm mark though. This ones built up with the adjustable travel White Bros Loop forks, 130/140/150mm. The seat post is a 30.9 so you’re all good with a Reverb or something similar.

Will a well balanced 26″ work well with 650b wheels bolted on? I didn’t get to ride this one so I don’t know, but the option is there and it looks well proportioned. What else? Well it comes in Metallic Orange, Cyan or Satin Black.

The Identiti AKA

Adjustable drop outs. Tyre clearance looked okay with a bit more adjustment to spare.

Tapered head tube.

The spec says 30.4 seat tube, but they are actually 30.9 so suitable for a dropper.

7005 series Aluminium.
68mm BB Shell
QR 135mm dropout.
Tapered head tube with semi-integrated upper and regular 1.5” lower cup size.
Super stiff Twin Box” chainstays.
Includes shim for 27.2mm seatpost.
34.9 Seat Clamp
2.3” Max tyre size (Although brand sizing varies)
Sml (15”)-1905g
Med (17”)-1955g
Lrg (19″)-2010g
From 4.9lb

Frame Price: £375
Contact: www.identitibikes.com

  1. Stubacca

    Best bike i’ve had yet, with 26’s.

  2. stetom13

    has it not just raised the bb though? someone needs to bring hardtail geo up to spped, there’s only the lads at BTR and production Privee that seem to be pushing on with lower BBs and slacker head angles. I’m not saying this won’t ride well, it could be better though

  3. Stubacca

    I had a lower and slacker frame before the AKA. Too slack for anything but dh, AKA much snappier. Dealt with alps fine.

  4. Ben

    Ive got an AKA with 26’s, such a good bike, great for razzing about in the woods! Ive had mine in the Alps too and it handled everything i threw at it. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

  5. Bighead

    AKA nice but I’d much rather have a steel, or even better, Ti hardtail, thankyou very much.

  6. Nat@JoyrideCycles

    The seatpost is actually a 30.4, which comes supplied with the bike. So you’re actually not good with any seatpost on the market, unless you use the supplied shim for a 272.

    1. Nat@JoyrideCycles

      Edit: only the first batch of bikes was a 30.4, second batch uses 30.9.


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