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Homemade Bikes: Home Bicycles project

Homemade Bikes: Home Bicycles project

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

This episode of Homemade Bikes crosses the Channel and features French engineers Cyrille, Bruno and their newly found company Home Bicycles.

homemade bikes

The Revolver

The Revolver is a 160mm enduro bike made by French lads Cyrille and Bruno.

The essence of this series was to showcase riders who just fancied the challenge of making their own frame in a shed at the bottom of the garden purely for the fun of it.

Cyrille and Bruno’s approach is a bit more professional than we’ve featured before…they’ve started a company…bought big machines and they’ve even got a video…but it’s still a good story…so here it is.

Home biycles project

Home Bicycles, the story…

It all started in June 2009 when the company in which Cyrille and Bruno worked ( a manufacturer of web offset presses) was bought by a large Chinese group, who decided to relocate all production to Shanghai.

The job of project manager in engineering and design remained in France, but because of the relocation of production the company lost its traditional clients and hence the engineering department was at a standstill. Cyrille and Bruno are not the type of blokes to sit around doing nothing so they decided to create their own company…Home Bicycles.

Their many years of riding mountain bikes together with their great experience in the industry allowed them to develop a 160mm enduro/all mountain frame in less than 6 months.

Cyrille and Bruno decided to invest in CNC machines and make the frame themselves instead of subcontracting the work out.

Looks like a meteorological map to me.

The prototype frame.

Laying out the tubes.

The constituent parts.

The two lads decided to produce everything themselves including the frame tubes. The tubes start out from a sheet of laser cut aluminum in 6061, which is then formed on a hydraulic press and later welded.

Similarly, the straightening and heat treatment are also done in-house.

The bike has undergone a lot of testing in the Alps and Brittany which allowed Cyrille and Bruno to tweak the design, geometry and strength of the frame.

They say “…it’s a kind of revenge on the financially preferred relocation out of greed at the expense of local people who always have fabulous skills, the industry, outside Asia, is not dead!”

The Revolver:

The Revolver offers 160mm of travel at the rear wheel.

Several customization options are available:

Length of chainstay: 425, 431 or 437mm.

3-compression ratio, soft, medium and hard.

Type of paint, epoxy or polyurethane (color choice)

Colour stickers black, white, or red.

Color anodizing choice black, red or colourless.

Rear mounting of the wheel in 9×135, 12×135 or 12×142.

The frame is guaranteed for two years and the bearings for five years.

Additional three year warranties are available.

Any special custom requests will be considered.

Cost 2250€ with epoxy paint and RP23 shock.

For more info check out www.homebicycles.fr or contact Cyrille and Bruno at contact@homebicycles.fr

Have you made your own bicycle frame? I’m interested in all stories big and small. Get in touch with Billy

  1. Daire

    Jesus that looks amazing! Love to see a price for a frame. These lads seem to have thought of pretty much everything with the adjustabilty abd choice for nearly everything. Loving the flat angled downtube too. Any weight for the shown build? Well done lads!

  2. SKor

    Bike looks sick! Qute alot like Nicolain Helius AM.

  3. SKor

    Full of tpyos….

  4. TomD

    Bike looks lush! Love the paintjob.

  5. Joe

    Dirt need to get hold of one of these and do a write up about them! Love it.

  6. TomD

    Oh yeah could any of your tech boffins sort it so when you post a comment the whole page doesnt have to reload? I usually click to watch a video and whilst it’s loading go post a comment, forgetting that the whole page reloads and then you have to start the vid over.

  7. dirt dodger


  8. dirt dodger

    Bike looks sick.
    Good request Tom. Will we get an answer though?

  9. billy

    @Tom and dirt dodger….you know you will always get an answer here! Whether it’s the answer you want is a different matter…I’ll ask the techno boffs.

  10. Droppin-Neutron

    Nice one Cyrille! Liked the video too of all the construction techniques, which I have never seen before – great looking bike too

  11. george

    I think it stops being “homemade” when your home has a CNC machine and laser cutters in it. Looks great though.

  12. billy

    @Tom and dirt dodger word from the technoboffmeister: “Great suggestion! I’ve spoken to Dave the electrician and he says the next time he’s down B&Q he’ll see what they’ve got in stock and wire something up if he can.”

  13. dirt dodger

    cheers Billy, i will cross my fingers. I have no idea why i have never asked this before personally, as i hammer my works connection (prob shouldn’t spend my day viewing vids shhh) and its a bit slow i have to start the vid and let it buffer, its a real pain in the a$$ if you forget and have to reload due to commenting on something. it would make my life SOOOO MUCH BETTER.

  14. dirt dodger

    The more i look @ that bike the more i like it, will there ever be a review on this dyu think?

  15. eddieR

    I want one

  16. Onion


  17. Hancock

    Looking good, looking better at 2250e for the standard frame (I think, my French isn’t as good as it could be be…)

  18. Onion

    absolument hancock. 2250 for frame and shock m’thinks

  19. Tzz

    Looks like a trek..

  20. ddmonkey

    Nice… great looking bike. I think the movement to bring production back from Asia is a vital trend, its just got to happen if our societies are going to survive long term. We have to make things in our countries and we have got the skills. We need to place a value on them. I love it. Big up Orange, Home, and everyone building frames that don’t need to go in a container on a ship to reach us.

  21. Leon

    That is some impressive bike man , the quality and workmanship is top notch , I would never of guessed that was a home made bike !

  22. Big-G

    I swear i’ve seen that vid before, anyway, bike looks sick. Good luck with it all. If you ever bring out a dh bike or a uk style trail bike then u def got a potential customer here. 😛

  23. Tom

    looks reet nice, but ‘homemade’? Naaaaah.

  24. adge

    this is getting away from homemade i thinks, and keep it in the uk

  25. Thebear

    I’d say that’s as home made as any, just on a far more professional level. Fair play to the guys for going at it full hog!

    That bike looks amazing! (Though kinda influenced by a lapierre?)

    @ adge, it’s still ‘home made’ if it’s in France, they have homes there too (I know, I didn’t believe it myself!)……don’t be a xenophobe.

  26. Bill

    I wonder what the thing sticking out the back of lower part of the seat tube is? Is it a direct front dérailleur mount or something (it looks a bit high)?

  27. Jack

    I’m all for including FEA stills and think they look great, but it doesn’t fill me with confidence that large (red) areas of the frame “exceed the theoretical elastic limit of the material”. I’m sure it was some overload case or something, but probably not the best one to include!

  28. marki3boy

    Bah — rubbish! There’s not a dodgy plywood jig or wonky braze anywhere in this article.
    Once again those talented French have shown us up.

  29. loamranger

    Very enterprising, good luck guys. DIRT how about a test?

  30. billy

    Adge et al…I’d love to feature more Uk home builds…but if nobody sends me any…well…

  31. Barry

    Hey think it is great, so impressive! The only thing that looks a bit strange is the angle of the rest shock.. Maybe not optimal. Also looks heavily inspired by a certain specialized model from a few years ago now..

  32. moff

    Jack – yes, the FEA is a nice touch. The red zones are purely the ‘peak’ stresses in the component/assembly, it allows the potentially high risk zones to be quickly identified.
    The scale on the right hand side would indicate that the max stress is around 240MPa, this needed to be considered relative to the UTS (ultimate tensile stress) and Yeild (stress at permanent deformation) of the material(s) in question.
    As I keep telling our MD, red does not always mean bad.

  33. VonDH

    should do well at the mega

  34. Big Bird

    Yah Barry, the angle looks way rising rate, which while good with a coil spring shock, is not optimal with the air unit.

  35. drippihippy

    much admiration for having the courage to start up and make their dreams reality, bike looks superb, well designed and well made, they deserve to suceed.
    If this is their first model then what will subsequent models look like?

  36. Luís

    Para além de ser MUITO bonita, funciona. Parabéns!


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