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New Product Highlights From The Bike Place Trade Show 2014

Industry Nine have also just got a new UK distributor, this time in the shape of Just Riding Along, and this new Enduro 650b Mountain Wheelset was their product of choice. You get a nice 30mm wide rim along with a redesigned rear hub, and of course Industry Nine’s trademark aluminium spokes. The weight for this wheelset is very impressive at 1687g for the pair, but they will set you back £910.

Although Industry Nine are perhaps best known for their use of aluminium spokes they also sell their rather nice hubs separately with flanges designed for regular spokes. These are super light and cost £393 for the pair.

This shows you the latest freehub body design. It uses two groups of three pawls, offset to give a super fast 120 point engagement. The bearings have also been tweaked to help reduce drag and improve longevity.

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