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Yeti have just announced that they’re now going to be making their own range of clothes, and we’re not just talking casual…

In crafting our first independent apparel line, we had one goal—to create mountain bike-specific gear that was made for mountain bikers by mountain bikers. We started with a clean slate and asked our staff, racers and friends what they wanted in mountain bike apparel. Armed with this information, we sought out leading designers in the field and built prototypes to test our concepts. The collaboration delivered a line worthy of the Yeti brand.

Every element in every piece from our apparel line is designed to make riding more enjoyable—elements like glide patches for smooth pedaling, stitched rivet venting for durability, and unique waist adjustments for dialing in the perfect fit. The design execution is considered and deliberate, just like our bikes. We hope you like it as much as we do.

If you want to find out more, and see their casual offerings, then head over here. If this kit is anywhere near as good as some of their bikes then this should be good stuff indeed.