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Shimano XT 15mm XC Wheels | Fresh Produce


We featured the Shimano XT All Mountain wheels a while back (also featured in this months hammered section), but now they’ve released this 15mm clamp–thru version of these XC wheels. The rims are both a bit narrower and lighter than the AM ones, but they still feel like they’ll be up for a bit of a pasting. Both wheels feature Shimano’s trademark serviceable cup and cone bearing hubs, which are then laced with 24 double–butted straight–pull spokes into the UST tubeless rims. The rear wheel is only available with a QR axle, but with the front you get a choice between either the 15mm one shown here or a QR version. Sadly you can’t interchange between the two using adaptors, but if you’ve just bought a pair of 15mm forks then these wheels are definitely worth consideration.

Price: £189.99 (front), £189.99 (rear)

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