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Continental Revo Tyre Sealant | Fresh Produce

If you’ve decided to not to run tubes anymore then you’re going to want some tyre sealant (we even use a bit in full UST tyres), and Continental reckon this is the stuff you should get. What makes it different to the rest? Well, the most popular tubeless sealants like Stan’s use natural latex and ammonia, whereas this stuff is ammonia free (ammonia can damage both rubber and anodised aluminium) and uses synthetic latex which Continental reckon is more stable and also keeps on doing its job for longer. Of course they also reckon it is just as effective at sealing holes, but only time will tell if they’re right about all these claims. Oh, and in really cold weather we have had issues with some other sealants, but Continental reckon this stuff will happily work down to -20°C! So, if you’re riding somewhere particularly cold then this could well be the stuff for you.

One thing that should be noted though and that’s that if you’re currently using a sealant like Stan’s you shouldn’t mix it with this stuff as the two are incompatible. Instead you’ll need to thoroughly clean out your rim and tyre and start afresh. Each 240ml bottle should be enough for two decent sized tubeless ready tyres, and if you’re running UST tyres and just want to use this as a bit of added puncture protection then you should get away with using much less. Considering that it has taken Continental so long to develop this sealant, and taking into account that they have a very strong reputation to uphold, we reckon if you’re in need of some more sealant then this one is almost certainly worth trying out.

Price: £9.99

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