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That’s quite a big statement, but we reckon it could be true. We’ve been desperate to get our hands on one of these new e*thirteen LG1+ chain devices, and it seems like it’s been worth the wait. This ‘plus’ version is not just one step on from the previous LG1, it’s several steps on. All the things that used to bother us slightly about the LG1 have been improved beyond what we could have imagined. For example the one back plate will now fit many more frame designs thanks to the adjustable bashplate/lower guide assembly, and there are now far fewer bolts and all the hardware is captive so there’s no more hunting around on the floor for that bit you dropped. The top guide also now flips open to allow you to remove the chain/crank/chainring without having to actually remove it, and the whole thing is even lighter than before. We honestly can’t see how they’re ever going to improve on this one. Anyway, by the time you read this you should also be able to get your hands on one in either white or black, and it’ll only cost you a tenner more than the standard LG1. Money well spent we reckon.

PRICE: £129.00

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