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First Look: Five Ten Impact revamped.


The new Impacts have had a full redesign.

Five Ten have gone back to the drawing board and completely revamped their gravity shoes. They have streamlined their design with both the new Impact VXi flat and clipless shoes coming from the same mould. Shown here are the new Greg Minnaar signature shoe and the new Sam Hill’s for flat pedal pinning.

Impact VXi Sam Hill

The new Impacts are considerably lighter than the classic shoe that, in recent years, has become the benchmark for flat pedal riding. Aside from the obvious visual changes Five Ten have updated their rubber to a new Mi6 compound. This stuff is super sticky and has been developed not to just improve grip but aid impact absorption and the buzz through the pedals on rough tracks. Hydrophobic foam has been used in the shoe uppers to help them dry out faster, so hopefully these won’t end up staying damp after a wet UK ride. They will be available in March 2014.

The clipless shoe, shown here in the Greg Minnaar colours, is based on the same platform as the flat shoes. Many riders are shifting their cleats behind the balls of the feet, sometimes even cutting into the sole to achieve the correct position. Five Ten have listened to riders doing this and extended the cleat slots to allow for placement up to 10mm further back than is currently possible. These too will be available in March next year.