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Liteville 301 MK10 with SRAM XX1 | Fresh Produce

Liteville 301 MK10 with SRAM XX1 | Fresh Produce

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The Liteville brand comes from German component wizards Syntace, so as you would expect it’s been very well crafted with lots of attention to detail on the frame. This is the 160mm travel Liteville 301 mk10 and visually is a bit of a Marmite bike due to it’s unique 4-bar layout.

Initially it does look like it may chop your balls off with it’s scissor like action but in reality your tackle is well out of the way (though when flicking the shock lock-out lever your fumbling fingers are in the dangerzone).

But then again some do like it’s simple double diamond, hardtail-esque appearance and it has the right numbers geometry wise, 66º headangle, 1180mm wheelbase, 354mm BB height. It’s light too, has to be around the 30lb mark (the office scales have broken soz).

We’ll be putting the Liteville 301, blinged out with SRAM XX1, through the rigours of a harsh Welsh winter to see how it gets on. So stay tuna’d for the full review in Dirt Magazine.

Check out: www.liteville.de

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  1. mr_p

    I can see shorts/body parts etc getting snagged on that linkage as the bike moves through its travel.

  2. dirt dodger

    2 things about this article – 1st is I am in love with lieville of late and have been seeing these frames and thinking i really really want one so it’s gonna be ace to see/read how they perform, 2nd is the question in the pic labelled THE END OF THE FRONT MECH?? hmmmmmm, not until the world goes into hyper spend again and we all have bankers salaries capable of affording the price tag that verges on the suicidal and downright offensive – sorry but it’s ridiculous !

  3. mcmeta666

    any chance of a video of someone squashing the suspension so we can see how the top link moves?

    1. jamie

      Check out their site, there’s an interactive animation of it – http://www.liteville.de/t/25_29.html

      1. mr_p

        owch! I Didn’t realise the link moved that much. thanks but no thanks!

  4. Roby

    Why you picked up this weird looking contraption instead of some other frame?
    I would like to see that combo on Santacruz Tallboy 29er for example

  5. Pepe

    Actually, the XX1 overpriced tag will for sure boost Rollhoff ,etc hubs business, as it is a much more intelligent solution, and trouble free.. just ad a chain tensioner for suspension rigs..since all the gearing weight is shifted to the rear wheel, we are probably in the same balance ballpark..

    1. professed

      Ever ridden a Rohloff? You might change your mind once you have. Big difference in feel compared to a regular cluster

      1. BikeDibley

        Yeah, the Rohloff does need a different riding style, but I am a huge fan!

        Problem is, the Rohloff will only work with a 135mm QR or solid nut. Won’t work with this Liteville on a 142x12mm sadly. Nor will it work with most other AM bikes of the modern age.

  6. Rick T

    The neat cable routing hole looks like a puckered bumhole!

  7. DHZ

    Ordered one with the 160 kit. Gonna build it very similar to this test bike. My math has it closer to 28lbs on the build I have planned. Should be a sick do-it-all rig.

    1. BikeDibley

      Ahh, so you can order it with the appropriate setup then. I thought you had to buy the spare plates. Good stuff. Can you buy it without shock or with choice of shock?

      1. Spooky817

        you can buy it with either 140mm linkage plates or 160mm linkage plates. Or buy the other travel linkage plate at a later date if you want to try it! The headangle adjusts accordingly as appropriate for selected travel.
        Comes with Fox RP23 Kashima. My 301 MK10 160/160 comes in at 27ib.

  8. rob

    kun je mij het type van de achterschokbreker even doorgeven ziet er goed uit !!!


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