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Funny how the changing seasons and locations brings out the true character of a bicycle. The Ellsworth Moment had arrived on a plane from dusty California into a strangely arid Welsh autumn and since then has wintered and sprung well. Now we’re in summer how is the large Moment?

From Dirt Issue 115 – September 2011

Words by Steve Jones. Photos by Victor Lucas.

The Ellsworth is well accomplished in the basics of a 160mm travel bike – let’s leave the numbers until later – providing geometry that allows for full six–inch use on the descents. What’s particularly pleasing about the Moment is the standover and top/seat tube area, which is super low allowing a rider to loosen up in complex root sections, drop it low for when horizons become vague on the outcropped edge of no return.

The second basic is the build and overall construction. Again let’s leave the marketing for a second. Up front a semi–integrated tapered head tube keeps it low and flows, always in proportion into the rear four bar design, its strength is shared and used only where it matters – the substantial links, the chainstay braces, all tucked in and extremely well crafted. Alignment, milling and welding are impeccable.>>

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