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DirtTV: Trans-Provence, Jerome Clementz Bike Check

DirtTV: Trans-Provence, Jerome Clementz Bike Check

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

2011 Trans-Provence winner Jerome Clementz talks us through his Cannondale Jekyll setup.

Dirt Magazine’s Steve Jones continues his eyephonz interviews, this time catching up with Cannondale Jekyll rider and 2011 Trans-Provence winner Jerome Clementz.

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  1. DTM

    Another great video from Mr Jones. Keep them coming.

  2. intense951

    ….. recorded on an iPhone but can’t be played back on an iPhone or iPad? Dirt – when are you going to make my life easier? I just can’t be arsed switching on the laptop!

  3. Crutchy
  4. argh

    It would be great if Steve could test one of these soon….

  5. Greg

    3.03: “I rode with a hard on errrr all week”



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