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DirtTV: Dan Atherton's GT Prototype Race Bike - Exclusive

DirtTV: Dan Atherton's GT Prototype Race Bike - Exclusive

Steve Jones headed up to North Wales to AthertonHQ to ride Gee Atherton’s new Fury, which you can check out here. But whilst he was nosing around something else caught his eye, Affy’s new Enduro race bike. Which Dan used at the first round of the Enduro World Series in Punta Ala.

Dan will be using this as his main race bike, which he will be using in most races this year. Dan will also be riding the new Force, which is a lighter and smaller travel bike. Dan will use the Force for races that have larger climbs in the timed stages, like the Mountain of Hell and the Megavalanche.

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  1. Zeeman


  2. ddmonkey

    Jones have you ridden a 26″ Spec Enduro in XL? I ride one as my only mtb and I wonder how it compares to this bike. I am about the same height as Dan, 6′ 1″ and my bike has a 48″ wheelbase and again like this bike feels so stable and confidence inspiring down DH stuff without having to drag around all the weight and suspension travel of a DH bike. I am convinced that the wheel size doesn’t make as much difference as the Geo and wheelbase, and that if you get it all right a long wheelbase can still be really manouverable.

    1. Marcel

      yup my Banshee Spitfire in XL = 47.5″ wheel base. Pretty close, similar angles, etc.

  3. John

    sounds pretty similar to this classic beast http://www.specialized.com/ie/gb/bikes/archive/2008/sxtrail
    47.5 inch wheelbase, 170mm travel, 66.5 head angle

  4. digger

    Nicolai Helius AC 2013 as well

  5. david

    Is that a 35mm stem?

  6. Big Bird

    I love seeing other mountain bikers and MTB companies coming around to my way of thinking. Steep seat tubes for wheelieless climbing, slack head angles for fun descending, long front ends for your wheelbase and stability and short rear ends for quick cornering. I was going to attach a link to My Dirt article “Big Birds Bike” so you could see the stats, but it seems to be missing in the archives. Man, things sure move fast on the interweb.

  7. Benjamin Franklin

    The FOX sponsored riders sure do think their FOX kit is the best. I wondered if they have to use the same shit dampers the public does? Like the CTD that has now been replaced with a new “updated” version.

    I can think of another 165 bike that is long in the front, short in the rear and makes me smile every morning I awake up too –


    Now that the Atherton stroke session is over, I do want to say that the work you are doing with interviews, pre-race coverage and truly intelligent equipment coverage is the best in the business right now Steve. And thanks for not say “bro” or “bra”.

    1. Eoin

      Their suspension is custom tuned with whatever damper they need to win, a far cry from what we can buy, or at least what we get before sending it to a tuning center… On the other hand that specialised enduro, in it’s biggest size is still 5cm shorter in wheelbase than Dan’s bike. I reckon the only thing that comes near in terms of wheelbase are those Mondraker XR bikes.

      1. ddmonkey

        But bear in mind that due to the obsession with 29’ers at Specialized, they no longer make the Enduro in XL with 26″ wheels – a real shame. A symptom of the industry not wanting to invest in 26″ wheel bikes and thinking that anyone over 6 feet tall can just make do with big wheels if they want a bike to fit. 27.5 inch wheel could be a saviour in that regard.

      2. Benjamin+Franklin
  8. Richie

    Looks like it has alternating teeth on the chainring in the pictures in the mag…….

  9. ronin

    it’s fiveten impact ugly but just like impacts it probably works really well.

  10. jbrads26

    Just thought I had to drop a quick note to say this sort of coverage is absolutely excellent. You don’t get anything close to this anywhere on the web, just keep them coming Steve! Cheers


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