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Dirt Office test bikes: Chumba F5

Dirt Office test bikes: Chumba F5

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

This is the bike that Duncan Riffle and Brad Benedict have been racing on the World Cup circuit this year.
The Chumba F5 arrived at Dirt HQ today from www.progressive-bikes.co.uk and Jonesy will be out testing the beast for the magazine when he gets round to putting some pedals on her, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

In the meantime, if you fancy one then check out the webber the frame is SRP £1899.


  1. le J

    That could make a glass eye cry!

  2. Cameron Ross

    cant wait to get mine in in a couple of months! :)

  3. si @ progressive bikes

    “That could make a glass eye cry!”

    is that good or bad? :)

  4. Ol' Dirty Bones

    You think that’s ugly, ha! Check out their A.M. rig. Nothing compares to the Kiddie DH bike they made a while back.

  5. joKKE

    WTF!!! Highroller Maxpro in front. Stupidos tyrechoice.

  6. joKKE

    and in the rear also. Hope you guys chane that before testing.

  7. si @ progressive bikes

    “You think that’s ugly, ha! Check out their A.M. rig.” Aye it is an ugly one, but everyone who has ridden the EVO loves it. Anyway a new EVO is in the pipeline :)

  8. Martidog

    anyone got a hanky?? made a wee mess here in Scotchland

  9. dipper@gravity-sports

    Jokke – apologies if I offended you with my tyre choice. I’ll try not to do it again!

  10. dipper@gravity-sports

    these frames really need to be seen in the flesh. No bendy, hydroformed nonsense and amazing attention to detail. that one pictured weighs in @41lb if I remember right. had it as low as 39lb

  11. amplus taren brasil

    This is a classic USA dh racing machine whith a stunning build.

  12. 'Ol Dirty Bones

    OH yeah. Front tire’s on backwards but maybe they’re planning on mouting one o those front wheel drive tings! Not a bad tyre choice. HR’s are incredibly predictable in most conditions, even 60a. I’m sure the EVO rides great, as all Chumbas are known to. I kinda dig it. Like a beauty mole. Cant wait to see a picture of Jonesy raggin’er.

  13. si @ progressive bikes

    like dipper says, these things are built to last and still build pretty light.

    Big thanks to dipper for getting this bike out to Dirt, anyone interested should contact him at Gravity Sports for information :)

  14. dipper@gravity-sports

    Ol dirty bones
    well spotted. However, surely if you were using the front for forward traction you’d fit it the same way as the rear? the front is for braking traction so makes sense to reverse it.

  15. Trillian

    Dipper, now you’re just scaring me.

  16. dipper@gravity-sports


  17. dipper@gravity-sports

    I was running 823’s on the bike which I currently need and just lobbed those tyres onto those rims before it went to dirt. obviously wasn’t paying attention! However the reversed front tyre is something that is done by some for the reason stated. There was a spiel on the stendec site about it but it’s dissapeared!

  18. Derek

    It is a stunning machine and dipper has spared no expense on the setup! Pitty dirt have it as i was looking forward to seeing it in the flesh!

    I’m sure Jonesy will give it a good thrashing :)

    Is the AFR next to goto dirt dipper? Their not getting my one! :)

  19. Sean

    i got one of these back in september 09 from dipper, absolutley stunning bike(looks and performance) i had a few frame options i was thinking about( a v10, sunday, revolt and the F5) but after test riding this one my descion was made, it suits my riding style perfectly, i had a Faith before this and i thought it was good then i rode this and it blew me away, the F5 is such a stable ride over everything that gets hurled its way, and its a really nimble bike, cornering is so nice on it, i now look forward to ripping into corners knowing the F5 will take it in its stride wheras on the faith you really had to work it through the turns, anyway just waiting for this snow to get off the hills to make some new tracks and have a good shred and looking forward to see the review on the F5

  20. ed

    when’s this gonna be tested and reviewed

  21. carlos

    ke buena bici


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