Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR Carbon EVO, Nukeproof Mega AM Pro, Cube Stereo 140 HPC Race 29

Now here’s a bike that certainly won the attention of our bike tester, Steve Jones.

Specialized Stumpjumper from 2014 Dirt 100.


You know sometimes you get on a bike and it just feels the perfect size, like it was made for you, well that’s the feeling that our chief bike tester Steve Jones had with this bike. Regardless of the sizing fluke though, this is perhaps the ultimate trail bike thanks to great weight distribution and a low slung bottom bracket, which when combined with the 29” wheels results in amazing cornering ability. The 135mm of suspension works a treat too, as does everything on this bike really. To be fair you’d expect that on a bike that costs as much as this one does, but sadly there are others out there at this price level that don’t deliver. This one however delivers in spades, and you’ve got to admit it looks incredible too.

PRICE: £7000.00
SPECIALIZED UK 02083 913 500


A fantastic build kit on a solid frame and with a little more life than its smaller-wheeled sibling, the Mega AM from Nukeproof is a great option.

Nukeproof Mega from 2014 Dirt 100.


The change up to 27.5” wheels has resulted in what was already a good bike becoming a great bike. It’s not just down to the slight increase in wheel size though, as other slight changes have been carried out on the frame. It now has a bit more ‘life’ to it and Nukeproof have worked on the shock tune in order to make sure the suspension works as well as it does. The frame is still a little on the heavy side compared to some other options, but that does bring with it a reassuring feeling, something that we welcome any time the trail turns nasty. Build wise this bike is very hard to fault, coming built up with many of the parts in this Dirt 100, and you get it all for what we consider to be a very reasonable price.

PRICE: £3199.99
HOTLINES 01313 191 444

Cube’s Stereo has low-slung geometry and begs to be thrown into any corner.

Cube Stereo from 2014 Dirt 100.


As we said earlier in this issue it was the Stereo that first alerted us to Cube. The bike has changed a fair bit since then, with no fewer than three versions now up for grabs (a 160mm x 27.5”, this 140mm 29’er, and a 120mm 29’er), but we still love it every bit as much, especially in this particular guise. As before this bike’s main appeal lies in its low slung geometry, one that begs to be pushed hard around any corner. The suspension is pretty decent too, a definite step up from the Fritzz, although much of that could be down to the excellent RockShox Monarch Plus shock. In fact there’s very little to fault full stop in terms of the kit used to build this bike, which is what makes it such a good package for the money.

PRICE: £2799.00
CUBE BIKES UK +31 103 403 502


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