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BTR Fabrications Hardtail Review

BTR Fabrications Hardtail Review

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From Dirt issue 127 – September 2012

Words by Steve ‘The Butcher’ Walker, Photos by Thomas Gaffney

WEAR and Tear – Is it any good? after a long term testing we give our honest opinion…

A mate of mine was (and still is) into fast cars. He couldn’t afford something that looked good, so he made do with what he had (and could afford). It turns out that his mini (that was actually the same colour as the BTR) was as fast off the lights as a Porsche 911 and was probably more fun to drive.

The little old orange mini was beaten up, tatty and looked liked it belonged in Osama Bin Laden’s chicken shed. However, the car that resembled a sheep (a rough looking one at that) was actually the fastest, bad–est, mother fukin–est wolf in town (just like the BTR)>>

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