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Bonkers Audi Electric Bike

Bonkers Audi Electric Bike

This Audi electric bike might never make it into production but it’s pretty incredible nevertheless. And you might not give a monkeys about electric bikes (we don’t really) but this bike is a great demonstration of what’s possible if you chuck enough time, brains and money into something, and it made us think just how archaic our current bikes might look one day. With a fully computer controlled set-up, including the ability to make you pull wheelies like a god (thanks to the inbuilt segway like gyro system, and it even lets you select the desired angle), storm along at 50mph, for between 31 and 44 miles, all whilst adjusting your seat height from the bars, this bike really has a lot going on. The fact that they’ve managed to cram all this tech into a fulls suspension bike which only weighs 46 lb just makes the project even more impressive.

Here’s a video of the bike in action…

And here’s some more fact and figures…

“The Audi e-bike Wörthersee – a sport bike that does not fit into any of the usual categories. It is neither a pedelec nor a conventional bike, but is best described as a high-end pedelec made by Audi for sport, fun and tricks. The Audi e-bike Wörthersee combines the Audi brand’s principal competences — design, ultra, connect and e-tron — and explores the limits of what is technically feasible in terms of design, lightweight construction, networking and electric mobility.

This show bike is futuristic at the very first glance — a bike for tomorrow and beyond. All its components, even the pedals, have been shaped by Audi’s designers, for instance the 26-inch wheels made from CFRP that weigh only 600 grams (1.32 lb) each and have innovative large-area blade-pattern spokes.

The Audi e-bike Wörthersee’s ultra-light carbon-fiber frame weighs only 1,600 grams (3.53 lb). It makes use of bionic principles derived from nature. Material reinforcements are needed only at the points where loads actually occur. The swinging arm for the rear wheel is also made of CFRP. All in all, the Audi e-bike Wörthersee represents the full extent of the brand’s expertise in ultra-lightweight design.

The rear wheel is driven by a chain. The electric motor is a permanent magnet synchronous machine; it is located at the lowest point on the frame and drives the bottom bracket shaft directly. Maximum torque at the rear wheel is in the region of 250 Nm (184.39 lb-ft). Peak output from the electric motor is 2.3 kW — a new top value on the e-bike scene. The complete bicycle weighs only 21 kg (46.30 lb), equivalent to a power-weight ratio of 9 kg (19.84 lb) per kilowatt, or 7 kg (15.43 lb) per horsepower — another record-breaking value.

The lithium-ion battery is housed in the frame; it weighs about 5 kg (11.02 lb) and operates at a voltage of 48 V. Its capacity is 530 Wh and it can be fully recharged from a 230 V supply in two and a half hours. As an alternative it can be easily detached from the bike and replaced by a recharged battery.

The rider of the Audi e-bike Wörthersee can choose between five programs; these either support use of the pedals or permit electric-only travel.

In the ‘Pure’ mode the rider only propels the bike by means of the pedals. In the ‘Pedelec’ mode the rider is assisted by the electric motor; a top speed of up to 80 km/h (50 mph) can be reached and the action radius is between 50 and 70 kilometers (31 and 44 miles). In the ‘eGrip’ program the Audi e-bike Wörthersee can be ridden with the electric motor providing all the necessary power; in this case at speeds up to 50 km/h (31 mph). The rider controls the power output from the electric motor at a twistgrip and can configure it at the on-board computer.

In ‘Wheelie’ mode the power flow is electronically controlled in order to assist the rider when the front wheel is in the air. Alternative operating modes are available, and can be selected by smartphone or directly at the e-bike: either ‘Power Wheelie’ with an adjustable wheelie angle for less skilled riders, or ‘Balanced Wheelie’ for those with more experience. In the latter mode the rider’s balance is maintained electronically: as his or her weight is displaced forward or back, this is counteracted by either braking or accelerating the electric motor.

In this way the rider can influence the speed when riding on the rear wheel only by shifting his or her weight. Leaning forward speeds up the bike, leaning back slows it down. If the rider wants to use the pedals and maintain a constant power input, the training mode can be chosen. The electric motor then makes good the extra power needed when riding into the wind or up a hill, so that the rider’s performance can be kept constant for training purposes.”

Got any ideas for how we could put this kind of technology to better use? Or do you just want one of these?

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  1. Ross Finnie

    Wheelie assist is all good and everything, but do you think they could include some kind of ABS system for better skids too? That’d make it the complete package I reckon.

    1. Jan

      ABS would make it NOT skid. :)

    2. Eirik Folkedal

      Forget skids, we need a drifting mode!

  2. Robert Price

    wow i want 1

  3. Hancock

    All that technology and they still couldn’t make the little twerp riding it do up his helmet.

    I want one of those, but with a little Petrol motor for range and power generation, some kind of KERs type system for even more power and a bloody great horn for when pikeys try and cut me up on my commute…

  4. Viv Jones

    Gotto love the video rider’s helmet undone well done !

  5. Whiter

    Looks like a trek :-)

  6. Big_Tim

    Can’t wait to have a go on something like this! Whether I’d spend silly money on one is a different matter…

    What it does look a bit like is the Cannondale concept bike from the 90’s…

  7. Matt

    Bike of the future – 26″ wheels 😉

  8. madamjan

    I’m amazed of what I’ve seen on the video. Truly bike of tomorrow. Just don’t like to imagine the price :)

    ABS? Not necessary on this tech 😉

  9. jonzo

    It’s still got a BLOODY DERAILLEUR…
    Bike of the future?
    I sincerely hope not!!!!!

    1. Hancock

      But it’s got a wheelie button!

    2. Jan

      Haha, I agree. Awesome bike, I would consider selling my car to get this, but internal gearbox please…

  10. Jarno

    50 mph? I don’t think so or it runs out of battery very shortly. There must be a reason the guy did only about 20 mph.. I don’t like it a bit.

  11. derestricted

    The rider is julien dupont. The bikes Rad to ride. Some more photos of it here: http://blog.derestricted.com/photography/audi-e-bike-worthersee-derestricted-photos/

  12. Mr Raleigh

    Raleigh Vektar!

  13. DIRKS

    That’s hideous.

  14. 2sox

    And sitting next to this article is an advert from trek bikes with the tag line “World leader in mountain bike technology”. Makes you think, no?

  15. Fanboy

    Nice engineering project, and a mean looking bike.

    But all I kept thinking about was the undone helmet – why? Does he think it’s cool? Beats me.

  16. Theodor Geisel

    death of the uplift surely, can’t be too long before you can drop a motor into your seatube that meshes with a pinion on your bb and sit back whilst it hauls you can up to the top of the fire road. don’t sign a 10 year loan for new uplift vans lads!

  17. WAKi

    Finaly car manufacturers are releasing quality bikes – sometimes I see a Peugeot, Porsche or BMW mountain bike and flip my eyeballs up…

  18. Robboecosse

    Why do all car manufacturers seem to think we only ride bikes because we can’t afford a motorbike? Who really wants a bike that finds grip and pulls wheelies for you? Who really wants a bike that looks so ugly and over-designed? Fat blokes with no skill or speed, who want to show off how much they earn, presumably.

    1. Hancock

      I think this particular bike is more of a ‘look what we can do’ project than an actual project.
      Even so, I’d have one, wheelie button!

    2. Jack

      As Hancock said its never intended for production. I’ve heard it cost $80k to make, so even with economies of scale it would never be marketable. Its just a cost effective way for Audi to get that much publicity, presumably while keeping their engineers very entertained!

    3. Jns

      Hahaha, so funny and true. Still, I love the feeling of smoothly passing them on my bike, those Audi and B&W drivers in their overpriced cars stuck in their own traffic jams, whilst they know my ride is so much cooler 😀

  19. Big Al

    Audi drivers are the biggest W@nkers on 4 wheels. Now they can be the biggest on 2! Win win.

  20. Chris waddup

    In its present form it would need to be registered and display number plates in the UK.

  21. Daniel

    die electric bike die hard!

  22. Tom


  23. Belt Drive

    The bike should have a belt drive and a gearbox not a derailleur! And of course 21kg totla weight is ridiculously high compared to the 1.6 kg frame! 26, 27.5 or29 is still a question of size of the rider and riding style… But the direction of the study is interesting.

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  25. Ezra Burton

    Hey guys please help my campiagn it would mean a lot. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/creating-an-electric-bike/x/4521893

  26. Tonny Okoda

    I love this bike and want to have one in-case its out for production


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